Treasures of Maryland

Select sunken treasure coins. Specializing in Spanish colonial and shipwreck coins. Spanish gold cobs and doubloons. We carry a fine selection of authentic 1776 coins. Dutch gold and silver ducats. Now offering US Civil War tokens and store cards.

Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coins

1808 X Cash Coins recovered from the Admiral Gardner, which sank on Goodwin Sands, Jan 1809.

Early Spanish silver and gold cobs. Both shipwreck and non shipwreck cobs are very popular for collectors.

We recommend "The Practical Book Of Cobs" by Daniel and Frank Sedwick

1729 Dutch Gold Ducat
from the wreck of the Vliegenthart, which sank on February, 3 1735
1724 Dutch Gold ducat from the Akerendam, which sank in 1725